One Week Left!

Dear my favorite humans,

More illustrations are en route! We’ve got 6 scenes to go.. and I’m really loving how they’re turning out. Just look how cute the narrator is.

My inspiration for this character came from R.C. Gorman’s “Proud Lady.” (Google it.)

And for laughs, this was my original sketch:

Good thing I got that artist, right?

We’ve only got a week left, and although I’ve reached my goal… I’d love to SMASH it.

I’d also like to introduce you to another awesome project: Stand-Up for Science. They train scientists with a crash course workshop in stand-up comedy, then throw them onstage to perform… sounds right up our alley.

Again, thank you for supporting this project. Feel free to SHARE this book, as much as your social network will allow…

All the best,


P.S. here’s a snippet of the next scene. Goooo Helios! The sun ain’t got nothin’ on you!


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