Only a few hours to go!


I honestly can’t believe this campaign is almost over. January 2019 has come and gone.

Time flies when you work constantly and don’t have time to check the clock, am I right?!

Here’s an update on Stinky Stardust Feet:

My wonderful illustrator, Elettra Cudignotto, is pumping out scenes with just a handful to go.

I’m about to jump into a haiku frame of mind, because I know you have been anxiously awaiting them. Worry naught, they’re en route.

Soon I’ll be sending out surveys asking for shipping info and that sort of fun stuff. In the mean time, please enjoy our latest work:

And in our last ticking minutes, would you mind giving this book a share?! To your FB profile, email to a colleague, text to your crush, you got Myspace?? I’m not here to judge. Whatever you want to do– I appreciate ANYTHING.

The link for sharing:


Chelsea Pyne

P.S. this is my original Helios:

Yes or No, should I illustrate my next book?

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