Beans Beans Beans

Let’s grow a little.

Two things are essential for plants to grow.

  1. Sunlight
  2. Water

Plants do not need soil. Soil is certainly helpful (it carries nutrients), but many plants grow well on rocks, in sand, in water, and other places too!

Here’s what you need to watch your bean transform into a plant:

  1. Beans, duh!

Fava or Broad beans, Lima beans, Jelly beans, Pole beans, and Bush beans are all easy to grow. (Okay maybe one isn’t so easy…) If you don’t have beans, try with a seed from apple or other fruit in your kitchen. They may take longer to grow roots.

  1. Water and Sunlight

We already went over this. As long as you don’t live in a desert cave, you should be able find some.

  1. Jar

This could be an old jelly container… anything that can hold liquid and is clear.

  1. Napkin or paper towel



Put a little water in the jar, just to cover the bottom. Then take your napkin and make it damp. Place the napkin in the jar. Rest the bean or seed on top of the napkin. Close container and place it in a lighted area. A windowsill is a great spot. Every few days, spray a little water on the napkin. Make sure it doesn’t dry out!

What do you notice?

Any little alien legs sprouting from the bean?

After a while, your bean will develop into a plant. You can transfer it to soil and help it grow faster and bigger. If you take great care of it, it may produce more beans. Then you can start a bean farm. Your bean farm may be so successful you can retire at 13 and spend the rest of your life racing go-karts… in your personal stadium.

Do you want another challenge? Try with one bean in one jar and another bean in a different jar. Keep jar A in the sunlight and jar B in a shady place. See what the difference that the light makes.

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