More about the book

Stinky Stardust Feet gives kids and parents an opportunity to discuss science, religion, traditions, and any questions about the universe around them. (And to do so in a lighthearted manner– the book is funny!)

Judas has to open his mind to figure out and understand the significance of personal hygiene. He goes on to discover why exactly his feet stink, and how he can use his method to solve future problems.

The book touches on The Big Bang, evolution, natural selection, the scientific method, and the importance of clean feet! What more could you want in a book?

The takeaway is for kids to not believe everything they hear. This is especially important today, when so many stories are passed on as exaggerated truths. This is also the beauty behind science. It’s unbiased. We shouldn’t take so and so’s word for it because they are popular or powerful. Look for evidence, test your hypothesis, and then come to your conclusion. We want to encourage kids to think outside the box and to question authority.

In a time when people are constantly divided, it's important to remind the next generation how alike we truly are. We all share an important history, embrace it! (For future sake.)

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